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Heavy Duty CORONA Door and Pin Key


Heavy Duty CORONA Door and Pin Key


  • Made from PLA Plastic
  • Everyday carry keychain hook tool
  • Touchless operation of opening public doors, elevators and anything else you can push or pull
  • Avoid using high traffic ATM pin pads by using your personal stylus for signing
  • Comes packaged with one  Corona Key


Heavy Duty CORONA Door and Pin Key

Take this portable touch‑free solution with you everywhere! Avoid direct contact with shared surfaces by using this convenient tool to open doors, press buttons, move a chair, carry grocery bags, and much more! As an added bonus, the stylus tip is great for use on pin pads and screens.


  • ✔️ TOUCH FREE & HYGIENIC EDC MULTIPURPOSE TOOL designed to shield you from every day contaminated surfaces and help you stay germ free!
  • ✔️ SAY NO TO RISKY HIGH TOUCH SURFACES 🚫 – The Germ Shield opens and closes door handles, pushes buttons on elevators and keypads at gas pumps, store check outs, ATM’s and more!
  • ✔️ INCLUDES A STYLUS great for use on keypads and most touchscreens!
  • ✔️ EASILY ATTACHES TO YOUR KEYCHAIN – Attach the Germ Shield to your keychain for quick and easy accessibility right when you need it.



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