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PRE ORDER – Positive Pressure Fresh Air – Full Face Mask


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Our design has a fully transparent front by rearranging the Positive Pressure Air Flow Filtration components to the top of the mask — the power air filter is relocated above the visor; the airflow is guided from the top of the mask to the mouth area. This design increases comfort and acceptance


Definition – What does Positive-Pressure Respirator mean?

A positive-pressure respirator is a type of respiratory protection device in which positive air pressure is maintained within the facepiece while the device is in use and being worn properly. Air pressure within the facepiece is defined as positive when it is greater than the ambient air pressure within which the mask exists.

The most common type of positive-pressure respirator is a pressure-demand respirator, which supplies air to the facepiece in response to a decrease in pressure due to breathing or a breach in the facepiece. Positive-pressure respirators provide a higher degree of protection than other types of respirators, as they prevent the intake of contaminants into the facepiece due to negative-pressure airflow.

  • Material choice
  • Fit and Comfort
  • Filter material
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Available on backorder

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This powered full-face mask was created for everyday workers who use masks daily or the commuter who travels to work every day on the buses, trains or on airplanes. The powered air filter is located at the top of the mask, freeing the users’ face with a transparent mouth section. thus, reducing the feeling of alienation felt when seeing somebody wearing a traditional mask. The powered airflow is now guided in a linear stream from the top of the mask, where the air interacts with the visor first to keep it free from fog. the air then flows through valves and tunnels into the divider between the viewing area into the mouth area of the mask. Afterward, the air is exhaled through the outlet valve located at the chin, thus no exhaled air comes into contact with the visor‘s viewing area. We believe this arrangement optimizes airflow and drastically changes the aesthetics. The fully transparent front and compact design increases communication ability, comfort, and acceptance for the user. Starting from a 3D scan of your face if you wish, allow us to customize and produce a custom-tailored mask just for you.


We make NO medical or health claims. Our masks and face shields aren’t medical-grade yet,

and have NOT yet been approved by the CDC, WHO, or NIH.

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